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We are the sum of our many parts and are proud to have created The Frome Independent community for you all to enjoy, shop, and share in.

Behind the shopping there is social benefit – we are a not-for-profit social enterprise, our stewards work to raise funds for their carnival clubs, our set-up team is a youth training scheme for future event managers, and each year we help raise thousands of pounds for Frome-based charities as well as generating millions of pounds of economic benefit for Frome.

Now we need you to stand up and be counted as part of our independent community. Yes, we are asking for your money and yes, it will help us maintain our independence and to survive and thrive… but we’re not just promising you a warm fuzzy feeling in return – you’ll get to save money too!

The deal is simple: you pay us £20 per individual or £30 per couple (that’s only about £2 per market!) and we’ll give you a Market Maker membership card that will entitle you to amazing discounts and offers for a full 12 months, not only from our market traders but from a number of Frome’s independent shops as well – we’ll send you a monthly e-newsletter with details of offers, you go shopping, show them your card and you’ll be quids in!

So what are you waiting for?

Reclaim the high street with us


We are very grateful to all our friends, colleagues and associates who provide invaluable help and services. We couldn’t do it without them.

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